Report a Phoebe or Nest Sighting

If you have had an encounter with either a banded Black Phoebe or a Black Phoebe nest in Yolo, Sacramento or Solano Counties, California, we would love for you to let us know through the reporting forms embedded below.

Banded birds are those that have colorful plastic or silver “anklets” on their legs. Black Phoebe nests are made of mud and are typically found on vertical surfaces with a shelter directly above, so they’re often found on under roofs, roads or bridges. You can find more info, including photos what bands and nests look like, at the top of our reporting forms! The forms will also walk you through all the information we need about your observation to help us integrate it into our research about these wonderful birds!

If you’re wondering whether what you saw is something to share, please check out the info at the top of each form.

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