Welcome to Our Project!

Project Phoebe is an urban ecology research project designed and run by three PhD students at the University of California Davis, Sage Madden, Jacob Johnson, and Ian Haliburton, and supervised by Professors Gail Patricelli and Thomas Hahn. Please visit The Project Phoebe Team page to learn more about each of us!

We are studying Black Phoebes in the California Central Valley to learn more about how birds and other animals respond to urbanization and other forms of environmental change. You can find more details about our project goals on the What we Hope to Learn page and where we work on the Where we Work page.

More to Explore

Curious about urban animals and why we and other ecologists study them? Check out the About Urban Ecology section.

Want to learn more about birds, including their behavior and reproduction? Would you like to get to know the Black Phoebe specifically? Check out the About Birds section.

Looking for additional resources to learn about birds, attract them to your yard, or help scientists study them? Check out the Urban Eco Resources page.

Questions? Concerns? Want to chat about science and urban birds? Head to the Contact Us page and feel free to get in touch!

A Black Phoebe perched on a branch. Anish Lakkapragada / Unsplash
The Sacramento tower bridge and skyline. Stephen Leonardi / Unsplash
Peregrine Falcon flying above Throgs Neck Bridge in New York. Metropolitan Transportation Authority / flickr
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